Skip to main content is Travis Cardwell’s personal website. The website software is under active development. There are many aspects of the site that can be improved, and the site will change (hopefully for the better) as development proceeds.

This website has a few features that warrant explanation because they are different from the norm. First, the articles and blog sections of the site are completely separate.

  • Articles are curated content. They are intended to be maintained and kept current.
  • Blog entries are less formal than articles. They are not (necessarily) kept current, so a blog entry represents thoughts at the time that it was published.

The other novel feature is the hierarchical tag system. Tags are in cateogry:subtag format, which allows tagged items to be browsed by category or subtag. Articles and blog entries are browsed separately.

Blog entries about this website are tagged with project:website.

  • TTC: Textual Type Classes is a Haskell library for conversion between data types and textual data types.
  • bm is a utility for opening bookmarks and queries from the command line. It allows you to quickly open bookmarks and perform search queries in your browser using only your keyboard.
  • LiterateX transforms literate source code to Markdown. Write documentation in Markdown format in the comments of source code, and LiterateX can transform the file to Markdown, optionally including the source code with syntax highlighting and line numbers.