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Applications (General)


bm is a utility for opening bookmarks and queries from the command line. It allows you to quickly open bookmarks and perform search queries in your browser using only your keyboard.


LiterateX transforms literate source code to Markdown. Write documentation in Markdown format in the comments of source code, and LiterateX can transform the file to Markdown, optionally including the source code with syntax highlighting and line numbers.


PhatSort is a FAT filesystem sort utility. Use it to sort files on MP3 players that do not do so for you.

Queue Sheet

Queue Sheet is a utility that builds PDFs of lists. Printed PDFs can be used to track progress when offline.


Redact is a utility for hiding secret text on the terminal.

Applications (Development)


Base configures Bash shell environments relative to a directory. It provides an easy and consistent way to load the configuration for diverse projects.


hr is a horizontal rule for the terminal. Use it to mark locations in your terminal history. For example, run it before each build in order to easily distinguish the current build log from the previous one.


lsupg lists items in a container that can be upgraded. It is a static executable that can be run in a wide variety of containers.

Libraries (Haskell)

TTC: Textual Type Classes

TTC is a Haskell library for conversion between data types and textual data types.

Other (Development)


This repository contains the source for building Docker images for various GHC versions. These images are intended to be used to try out new releases of GHC before they are available via Stack.


This repository contains the source for building Docker images for building packages for various Linux distributions.