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About is Travis Cardwell’s personal website.


This website has three primary sections:

  • Articles are curated content. They are intended to be maintained and kept current.
  • Blog entries are less formal than articles. They are not (necessarily) kept current, so a blog entry represents thoughts at the time that it was published.
  • Projects is an index of released projects.

Opinions expressed are personal, not those of any employer.


This website does not support comment submission. If you would like to submit a comment, please do so by emailing the author. If you do not mind if your comment is posted to the website, please state so in the email.


This website uses a hierarchical tag system. Tags are in category:subtag format, which allows tagged items to be browsed by category or subtag. Articles and blog entries are browsed separately.


RSS feeds are available for articles and blog entries, as well as tags. Note that article tag feeds only contain articles, and blog tag feeds only contain blog entries.


The web framework used to create this site is currently being developed. There will be more information about it in the blog as progress is made, and it will eventually be released with an open source license.

This website has the following goals:

  • The site should be viewable across a wide variety of modern browsers. It is primarily tested with Firefox and Chrome.
  • The site should be viewable even with slow internet access.
    • The size of graphics, CSS, JavaScript, and other files are a significant factor.
  • The site should not consume too many resources when loaded.

If you run across any issues, please feel free to email them to Travis Cardwell.