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Implementing Functional Languages

Series: Haskell Books
Implementing Functional Languages
Simon Peyton Jones
Prentice Hall


This book gives a practical approach to understanding the implementations of non-strict functional languages using lazy graph reduction. The emphasis of the book is on building working prototypes of several functional language implementations (template-instantiation, G-Machine, TIM, parallel G-Machine. In each case the authors provide a complete working prototype of a particular implementation, and then lead the reader through a sequence of improvements which expand its scope. This enables readers to develop, modify and experiment with their own implementations and for use as a source of practical laboratory work material.


  • First Edition
    • Published: August 1, 1992
    • Pages: 281
    • Color: black and white
  • Tutorial PDF
    • Authors: Simon Peyton Jones and David Lester
    • Released: March 23, 2000
    • Pages: 296
    • Color: black and white
  • Archived Website
    • Tutorial PDF available for free
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Travis Cardwell