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ghc-musl Part 1

I have started looking into using ghc-musl to build fully static executables for Haskell projects. These images are specifically for building static executables, and aligned project goals likely facilitates easier maintenance. One thing that I really like about the project is that it works well with both Cabal and Stack.

I have submitted two small pull requests to the project. One updates a GitHub repository URL in a test program. GitHub no longer allows unauthenticated use of the git:// protocol (reference), and an old URL was causing all Stack tests to fail. Updating the URL to use https:// instead resolves the issue. The other pull request updates the configuration to use GHC 9.2.2.

I am currently experimenting with refactoring the implementation to make it easier for people to build images locally, when developing versions of the images with extra dependencies, for example. I will write about this in a separate blog entry.